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Interactive Vue3.js Course

This is the only place in the world where you can learn Vue3.js intereactively (as opposed to just watching videos.)

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Skilled issues a certificate, which officially certify that you have completed the course.

Vue Official Partner

Skilled is an official partner for Vue.js and supports Vue.js.


You learn better when you work on a project

Why Skilled is just better

Get practical skills in every phase of the course

・You can watch a jocky riding a horse all day but that won’t get you to be one. You can say the same thing when you are learning to code.
・Courses on Skilled are made for you to learn practicall skills that enables you to build something by coding.
・Skilled gets you to learn essential and practical skills one by one, it is easier to see how and when to use what you have learned.

Take a JavaScript Course for Example

【Traditional Courses】
  • ・What is JavaScript?
  • ・Variable
  • ・if statement
  • ・for loop
  • ・Array
  • ・undefined
  • ・Function
  • ・Class
  • ・Constructor
  • ・Object

You could learn many concepts, but you do not learn the practical use of them, which makes it hard to continue learning let alone retain what you have learned.

How to make a carousel
【Esssential Concepts】
  • ・querySelector
  • ・Variable
  • ・Function
  • ・if statement

You will be learning to code by building a project, so you retain the practical skills for a long time. The project is being build by yourself so it is more ejoyable than traditional learning.

You learn more skills as you go

Since you learn to code by building something, you can retain practical and useful skills in every learning stage of Skilled.

【Some Examples of what you will build】

Our AI analyzes your weekness

It is not often the case that learners are exactly sure about their weekness in coding since there are somany concepts to understand. Skilled analyzes your weekness based on the problems you have solved. By learning the concepts that you understand less repeatedly, you can retain the concepts and skills efficiently.

Dictionary Feature for looking up specific type of code

Skilled has example code for certain features and elements. If you have a design or page that you want to build, you can look up by using this dictionary feature.

Skilled 学習画面


List of media apperances


Why courses on Skilled is have it all over


Learn with much more fun than traditional learning

We see coding/programming as something very exciting and enjoyable. So we make sure that courses on Skilled is enjoyable and exciting when we build them.


Get skills like professional developers
by learning with the code that they wrote

Skilled uses modern up-to-date source code that professional developers use to teach you coding, so you can get that ”Creatable Skills”.


Learn state-of-the-art technologies and modern designs

The contents on Skilled are constantly being updated so you can always be updated with the state of art technologies and modern designs at any time.


Learning Stages on Skilled


Our original learning model helps you retain the skills


Learning in a cycle

Unlike the traditional leraning models, Skilled gets you to repeat the cycle of "learn the basics, replicate, and apply" in every section. This will help you retain the skills in an efficient manner.


Easy-to-understand basic lectures

Skilled uses video lectures for the basics like syntax and HTML tags.
The pictures and animations will let you easily understand abstract subjects and ideas that are usually hard to grasp.


Learn by Repetition

Learn how to program by replicating the source code

By replicating the source code that professional developers have written, you can understand the proper way of writting code and how to put pieces of code together.


Hands-on Learning

Build a page by coding

Once you learn how to code a page by replicating a source code, you will write a code to build a page on your own.



Customer Reviews


I thought learning programming would be impossible for me since I was bad at math but I had fun learning to code on Skilled

Breaking into my late 20s and wondering if I should keep on doing what I was doing at the time, I saw the word programming on the Internet. I had been interested in programming for a long time, being an Arts major back in college and horrible at math, I used to shy away from it. But, I saw “Learn to code for fun” on their website, I was curious about the service, and so I started learning on Skilled wondering if I could actually learn to code for fun. I was nervous thinking if I could do it when I just started, but learning on Skilled was almost like being in a arts and crafts class back in primary, I was able to have lots of fun working on problems and actually building something. I was able to memorize the difficult terminologies when using Skilled. It worked like magic! Now that I think about it, I think it was easy since I learned the terminologies along with how to practically use them. For now, I’d like to improve my coding skills on Skilled so I can land a coding contract.

Mr.K.M in his 20’s


Programming school didn't work for me, but I have learned to make a web page with Skilled.

I am a housewife, and so when I was looking for a job that I could do while staying at home, one of my friends recommended that I try some programming stuff. Since programming is a required subject at my child's school, I thought it would be a good opportunity for my kid to be interested in programming if I started learning to program. I also just wanted to try new things. So I started going to a programming school. I was able to finish the program at the programming school, and so I was trying to make my portfolio to land a contract. But I was kind of lost not knowing how to apply what I have learned at the programming school I had no idea when my child asked me programming questions then. But now that I have been learning to code on Skilled, I can easily answer his questions. I guess I have regained his trust lol. Now I work for a crowdsourcing job and I work for them while I do things at my house. I am planning to keep on refining my coding skills on Skilled and try for better-paying projects.

Ms. R.K in her 30's


had no previous experience three months ago, but now able to make a website

I am a university student, but I wanted to be able to draw an income from website development, and so I purchased one of the Skilled plans. At the same time as starting courses on Skilled, I bought my first laptop, so I actually started with learning and workinghow to use laptop and how to type and all that, even before I started working on the Skilled course. You could bet. I probably had the least knowledge about web development and computers in general among all that were registered. But, thanks to plenty of good lectures and extensive resources on Skilled as well as opportunity to actually work on a project, it only took three months for me to become able to make a decent website. Since there are many parts of a website ready for you to use on Skilled, I was also easily able to deliver a website for my landed contract. Now I am planning to land more contracts during my summer break so that I could draw more income from making website and gain more experiences.

Mr. Y.H in his 20's



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Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of paying method do you accept?

We only accept credit cards.

What are the recommended operating environments?

・Microsoft Windows 8.1 or above
・macOS X 10.11 or above

・Google Chrome(latest)
※Can't view some of the contents on Windows 7.

Am I able to cancel the plan in the middle of the month/year?

Yes, you may cancel your plan any time.
The due date of the payment is the end of month for monthly plan and the end of year for yearly plan. Please note that there will be no refund should you cancel your plan in the middle of a month.

Will there be a charge after the free trial?

There will not be an automatic charging of fee.
As long as you do not sign up for the premium plan by yourself, there would not be a charge.



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