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Skilled allows anyone to learn web programming skills easily.

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Three reasons why learning on Skilled is easy

  No installation is required!

  It doesn't matter how many times you make a mistake!

  AI will tell you!

Why learning with Skilled is easy?

Your own unique curriculum

Learning is easy because you only need to follow the guide and your skills will take root!

You can learn skills easily by simply following Skilled's guide. By learning to create practical projects as you go along, your understanding and skills will naturally take root.

Very easy to learn and understand with no discrepancies.

Familiar materials make learning easy!

Skilled's resources are crafted for simplicity and attainability, leveraging familiar application and website structures for ease of understanding. Grounded in the code utilized by industry professionals, acquiring skills is seamlessly achievable.

First, let's get used to the code.

You get used to writing easy code because it's repetitive copying!

Skilled's curriculum is designed to help students develop their coding skills naturally through repetitive emulation of real code, recognizing the significance of familiarity in the learning process.

Efficient curriculum focusing only on areas of need

Step-by-step curriculum design ensures acquisition of skills at one's own level

Each area is designed to allow students to improve their skills step by step, eliminating unnecessary knowledge and prioritizing essential knowledge. In front-end development, students learn markup, UI components, and application development with a keen focus on extracting only the essential elements for each skillset. This approach has realized a curriculum with no stumbling blocks, empowering students to swiftly acquire skills in the shortest timeframe possible.

Easy system to keep learning.

Stay motivated by updating the number of consecutive study days!

Make the most of your spare time with a smartphone app!

No mentoring is required,you can study at any time you like!

Skilled's learning performance

*This is an example.

200% UP

Learning efficiency


Study retention rate


Skill acquisition rate

Vue.js is recommended for learning

We select recommendations suitable for study

Skilled selects and offers the most efficient subjects for learning and skill acquisition. . For instance, Vue.js is chosen as the front-end subject due to its innate capability for task delegation, streamlining the learning process and making skill acquisition effortless.

Reliable Scores

Skilled is the most reliable scoring

Skilled's scoring is based on a unique AI model for scoring, ensuring scientifically precise absolute values.This enables the quantification of skills with unparalleled accuracy.

Many other features for easy learning

  No need for a build environment!

  Support for the latest technology to avoid being left behind by the ever-evolving landscape.

  Master both foundational knowledge and coding skills.


Monthly Plan

$50 / Month

Annual Plan

$42 / Month

Annual fee of $500 (tax not included) will be paid annually

Means of payment: We accept credit card payments only.

We aim to create a society where people around the world can create their own future.

Our mission is to provide "the art of living" to people around the world.
The world is constantly changing, and the Internet is accelerating the pace of change. The knowledge and skills that were available in the past have become impotent, and the art of living that is necessary for survival is becoming more sophisticated and diverse. YASHIO is committed to providing the "art of living" necessary to survive in the world at this moment in time. We believe that by enabling people around the world to create their own future, the world will further develop and we will be able to realize a peaceful and happy world.

Skilled delivers education around the world.
We are working to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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